Usage Areas

  • Airports- aircraft terminals
  • Ports
  • Parking spaces
  • Industrial areas
  • Storage areas / scrap storage areas
  • Traffic-dense areas

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In general, areas where rainwater is collected are relatively large areas such as parking lots, industrial areas, traffic areas, terminals or airports. In these environmentally sensitive areas, there should be a system that can treat rain that falls on the entire area. The separation system can be installed in two versions as a direct or bypass system.

With the bypass system, the initial investment costs can be reduced. Local rainwater management The importance of rainwater management is increasing day by day. In addition to the traditional rainwater canal, new solutions are required to treat rainwater as close and natural as possible without disturbing nature's water balance.

In many countries, there are local regulations that require rainwater to be removed from all hazardous waste before it mixes with groundwater or reaches rivers. Some rules are stricter than others; However, it is clear that ultimately the rainwater has to be cleaned.

For class 1 oil separators in accordance with European standards, the oil content of the water after treatment of the rainwater must be less than 5 mg / l. Separators that process more than class 1 but contain more than 100 mg / l petroleum are called class II.