EXPECT MORE from your HOME with underfloor heating!

The WAVIN underfloor heating is the most modern heating system for heating living spaces with low-temperature water that flows through pipes.Underfloor heating offers its users maximum comfort. The underfloor heating system, the use of which is increasing day by day, offers many advantages over alternative methods. With their innovative products, Wavin underfloor heating / cooling systems offer complete system solutions that guide the development of the industry for the right use of energy.


Why underfloor heating?

  • Versatile and pleasant warming.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Design and architectural freedom.
  • Modern living rooms without radiators.
  • High security, no dangerous surface temperature.
  • Healthy habitable environments.
  • Energy savings of up to 25%
  • Environmentally friendly.

MAXIMUM COMFORT with underfloor heating

The basic principle of the Wavin underfloor heating system is to distribute the heat homogeneously. Based on this function, you can adjust the temperatures of all your rooms with the automation systems used to different degrees and determine your comfort conditions with the smartphone application developed by Wavin. In this way you eliminate the heating problem in your living area and enjoy this comfort with your loved ones.


Enjoy healthier environments

Since the Wavin underfloor heating system distributes the temperature evenly over the surroundings, air movement and allergen factors in the living area are minimal. In other words, less dust circulates in the air and minimizes the possibility of allergies. Because it is a low-temperature heating system, harmful diseases such as fungi and myths disappear. This way we guarantee you a healthier environment.

More Modern LIFE Areas

Wavin Underfloor heating systems do not create aesthetic image pollution. It does not require cleaning. It offers design freedom to architects and engineers during the project design phase. Thus, areas where both you and your family will enjoy time are designed.

Smart room thermostats

Unique properties

There is no LCD screen in the room thermostats. It has a clean, white surface and a pleasant texture. So, it doesn't bother the eyes. It is made of UV-resistant material. It is the smallest room thermostat on the market. Displays room temperature only when touched. If you want, there are wired or wireless options. There are 3 different settings for the comfort level. Child lock is available. It automatically switches from heating to cooling. It has a moisture sensor.

sentio-50-50-billedeControl via smartphone - clean, simple, modern

Communication is established by reading the QR code on the central control unit. All room temperatures can be set using the application on the smartphone. Or it can be set according to the floor temperature.

Many users can use the application and make settings. Historical data can be displayed with graphics in the application.

WAVIN underfloor heating pipes

Pipes are at the beginning of the components of the Wavin underfloor heating system.
Wavin is the company with the widest range of underfloor heating pipes.
With its pipes Pe-xa, Pe-xb, Pe-rt, Pert / AL / Pert and Pert, it offers the right solution for every project.

Complete system, your solution point


COMPOSITE COLLECTOR consists of oxygen barrier pipes, brass or stainless-steel collectors, which were developed for Wavin underfloor heating systems and modules and can be connected between 2 and 12 unique in the industry. It fulfills all your requirements for underfloor heating systems with floor insulation styrofoam and unique automatic control devices.

CKare planning, project and application support

With its experienced engineers, CKare Engineering offers consulting, planning, project design and specification services for underfloor heating projects. It combines its know-how with the special license program developed by Wavin. After the incoming project has been analyzed in detail, it is passed on to the technical staff together with the calculation and assembly details. After the system has run an error-free application, it offers the service to the end user.