Underground and Aboveground Oil Separators

The wastewater collection is strictly controlled due to the increasingly strict legislation. All separators are equipped with alarm units that control the operation of the separator. Level alarm devices are available as standard in the separators.

Wavin Eurorek yağ ayırıcılar atık sudan yağ ve tortuları ayırmaktadır. Sistem yağ ve suyun yoğunluk farkı prensibinden faydalanarak çalışmaktadır. Yağın yoğunluğu sudan az olduğu için yağ suyun üzerine çıkmaktadır.

Wavin Eurorek oil separators separate oil and sediment from the wastewater. The system works on the principle of the difference in density of oil and water. Since the density of the oil is lower than that of the water, the oil rises above the water. Animal or vegetable oils are separated in this way and drained using a sewage pump. Sediments and solid particles in the wastewater settle on the bottom of the separator. The cleaned wastewater thus reaches the wastewater network from the outlet of the separator.

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