Place of use:

Due to its long lifespan, it is used in renowned residential projects, industrial plants, heating, cooling, ventilation and fire installation systems as well as in industrial productions that have to be bent or cold formed in demanding radii.

Production area:

Outer diameter: 21.3 mm (1/2”) ~ 88.9 mm (3”)
Wall thickness: 2.00 mm ~ 7.10 mm
Pipe length: 6 meters are produced as standard. For special orders, depending on the size, production can take place in the range from 5.00 to 12.80 meters.

Production Standards and Steel Grades Used

Standard Quality Outer Diameter Range
TS EN 10255 + A1 S195T
TS EN 10217-1 P195 TR1-TR2, P235 TR1-TR2, P265 TR1-TR2 1/2"-3" (21.3 mm -88,9mm)
ASTM A53- ASTM A795 GrA, GrB

SRM-Tesisat-BorularıSuperior properties of Borusan SRM Black Plumbing Pipe

  • Easy to process saves time, takes shape. There are no bruises, cross-sections, folds and cracks when the pipe is bent.
  • Corrosion resistant: Due to its homogeneous structure, battery effect corrosion * is not visible. It is much more resistant to rotting than conventional piping and has a long life.
  • Lime-proof inner surface: weld seam is excellent. Due to the fact that the inner surface of the pipe is free of burrs, there is no lime build-up.
  • Europe's choice: Borusan SRM has been exported to European countries for many years due to its high standards.
  • It provides excellent results in industrial productions (serpentine, spiral resistance, conical cleaning processes, diameter blowing processes, etc.) in addition to the installation.