Siyah-ve-Galvenizli-BoruPlace of use:

  • Mechanical installation systems (heating, cooling, ventilation, fire protection, sanitary)
  • It is used to transfer water and similar liquids, non-flammable gases.

Production area:

Outer diameter : 21,3 mm (1/2”) ~ 339,7 mm (13 3/8”)
Wall thickness: 2,00 mm ~12,70 mm
Pipe length: : The standard pipe length in black and galvanized water pipes is 6 meters. For black pipes, the length changes depending on the size in special orders. Production can take place in the range from 5.00 to 18.30 meters.

Production Standards and Steel Grades Used

Standard Quality Outer Diameter Range
TS EN 10255 + A1 S195T 1/2 "-6"(21.3 mm-165.1 mm)
TS EN 10217-1 P195 TR1-TR2, P235 TR1-TR2, P265 TR1-TR2 1/2"-13 3/8"
ASTM A53- ASTM A795 GrA, GrB (21.3 mm-339.7 mm)



Galvanized pipes from Borusan Mannesmann are manufactured on a basis of a hot-dip galvanized coating method.

The most critical point for the quality of the galvanized coating during the galvanizing process, which is to be carried out with the hot galvanizing process, is whether the pipe raw material is suitable for the galvanizing coating.

The ability of steels to be galvanized is depends on its P (phosphorus) and Si (silica) content.

Galvenizli-Su-BorusuFeatures of our black and galvanized water pipes:

  • Our black and galvanized water pipes are CE certified.
  • Our black and galvanized water pipes are UL & FM certified according to the standards EN 10255 + A1, ASTM A53 and ASTM A795.
  • It can be used in fire extinguishing systems and in all mechanical systems within the building in accordance with the "Fire Protection Ordinance".
  • Our galvanized pipes are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified. They may be used in drinking water installations.
  • Thanks to the use of highly pure (99.99%) zinc, our galvanized pipes are not hazardous to human health.
  • Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, our black and galvanized pipes can be easily threaded. They save on wastage, labor and time.
  • The threaded ends of our galvanized pipes are plugged. Protective zinc spray is applied on the threads. This protects them against corrosion.
  • Our pipes according to EN 10255 + A1 M (medium series) have an operating pressure of 25 bar.
  • Each pipe goes through leakage testing 50 bars of pressure as well as eddy current (E/C) testing.
  • Ovality is close to none in our black and galvanized water pipes. When attached end-to-end, the pipes provide excellent overlap along all axes. They don’t allow any leakage of welding material into the pipes or undercutting that would need to be filled in. Pre-welding preparations will be fast, comfortable, and safe. This makes butt-welding easier. It saves on labor and time, creating economy

*Ovality: a measurement of deviation from circularity of an oval or approximately elliptical shape.