Yangın-Güvenlik-Tesisat-BorularıThe right choice for fire protection pipes ...

Nowadays, pipe fire protection systems of Borusan Mannesmann are preferred in Turkey, in many shopping centres, airports, social housing and industrial buildings.

The safety of Borusan Mannesmann is always at your side with international quality certificates and black, galvanized, grooved pipes that are manufactured in accordance with the standards and the quality of service offered.

Fire protection installation pipes are used in installation systems to protect against fire in buildings as liquid extinguishing systems (fire protection system, hydrant system, sprinkler system) and as solid extinguishing systems such as foam, gas and dry powder (water, gas, foam, etc.). Pipes made of carbon steel are in accordance with the flammability classes of the building materials in class A1 (non-combustible materials)


03UL (Underwriters Laboratories); is an international independent engineering and security company for fire protection installation systems that checks the conformity of the structural elements that make up the system with the fire protection standards. UL is headquartered in America and serves 6 continents. The company operates in five key strategic industries (product safety, environment, health, university, and verification services). Thousands of products, materials, structures and systems are scientifically evaluated, tested and checked for compliance with electrical, fire and injury risks.

FM (Factory Mutual), on the other hand, is the independent technical unit of the FMI company, which insures major risks such as fire, natural disasters, etc. and grants materials and systems the power approval. In contrast to the risk analysis created by insurance statisticians, FM calculates the risk and the insurance using a technical analysis.

The fire protection installation system, which was developed using UL and FM approved system elements (pipes, valves, pumps, sprinklers, etc.), prevents loss of life and property and offers economic benefits in insuring buildings against fire.

Industry leader Borusan Mannesmann; Due to its continued efforts in recent years, it was the first steel tube manufacturer to receive the UL and FM approval of the EN standard in Europe and Turkey.

Advantages of the fire protection installation pipe from Borusan Firesist:

  • For the M and H series in EN 10255 A1 standard, it is the first and only pipe in Turkey that is approved by UL and FM.
  • It is UL and FM certified according to ASTM A53 and ASTM A795 standards.
  • It can be made in black (uncoated), primed (black or red) and galvanized.
  • Our fire protection installation pipes from Borusan Firesist are standard productions in the standard EN 10255 + A1 with medium wall thicknesses and red painted liners and flat ends. It can be delivered immediately.
  • Red primer has high adhesion and is resistant to corrosion, water and oil.
  • Pipe ends: It can be made straight (welding mouth), threaded sleeve or grooved.
  • Our grooved tubes have no internal burrs.
  • It is certified with CE.