Place of use:

  • In the manufacture of hot water and steam boilers,
  • manufacture of pressure vessels,
  • In the manufacture of heat exchangers
  • high pressure liquid and gas systems,
  • high temperature liquid and gas systems,
  • ship equipment, equipment and boilers,
  • It is used in the manufacture of military equipment.

Production area:

Outer diameter: 21,3 mm (1/2”) ~ 339,7 mm (13 3/8”)
Wall thickness: 2,00 mm ~12,70 mm
Pipe length: The standard pipe length of our boiler pipes is 7 meters. Although it can be changed in special orders depending on the size, production can range from 5.00 to 18.30 meters.

Steel grades for production standards

Norm Used Steel Grades
EN 10217-2 TC1 P195 GH (St 33.8), P235 GH (St 37.8), P265 GH (St 42.8)
  • High temperature - superior properties of our high-pressure pipes.
  • Borusan high-temperature high-pressure pipes (boiler, heat exchanger, steam installation, ship) are used to manufacture materials of special quality.
  • Boiler pipes (1/2 "-3" range) are normalized to 900 ° with SRM technology.
  • Normalization removes the inner burr during pipe manufacture when the welding zone voltage is removed. The internal burr removal prevents the liquid or vapor flowing through from becoming turbulent.
  • Normalization gives the entire tubular body a homogeneous structure. The pipe can be bent, easily shaped and its corrosion resistance * becomes high.
  • To increase the protection against corrosion, black paint is produced as standard.
  • The eddy current is checked 100% by ultrasound and hydrostatic tests.
  • PED (TÜV) licensed for pressure vessels.
  • It is an alternative to seamless pipes in many applications. ***.

*** In Turkey, the use of seamless pipes is considered mandatory because the old norms and regulations, high temperatures and / or systems were memorized under high pressure. Thanks to the development of weld technology for the manufacture of pipes and the normalization process used, it is the first choice in many countries, particularly in the USA, to be economical and easy to deliver when installing welded pipes, high-temperature and high-pressure installations.

Welded and seamless pipes of the same size and wall thickness, made from the same raw material, have the same pressure resistance at the same temperature. There is also the risk of eccentricity (eccentric, inhomogeneous wall thickness distribution) in seamless pipes. This risk is a risk that the compressive strength fluctuates in the tubular body. Welded high temperature - the risk of eccentricity of our high-pressure pipes is minimal. If you specify the operating pressure and the operating temperature of the pipes that you use in your projects, we can design the high-temperature high-pressure pipe together for your project. You can contact Ckare Engineering project office in this regard.